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Patch Notes (Updated) - November 02, 2023

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Be hold Saviors! The Apostle of War: Adrianne has arrived, get ready to face the Angel’s wrath! The main story continues with the Star of the Apocalypse in Chapter 6 Part 2, what is happening after Yuria’s liberation? 




[New Content]


[Main Story Chapter 6 Part 2: Star of the Apocalypse]

  • Main Story Chapter 6 Part 2: Star of the Apocalypse will be added.
    • Update Schedule: November 2 after maintenance


[Evil Soul Subjugation]

  • Evil Soul Subjugation - Apostle of War: Adrianne
    • Period:  November 2  after maintenance—November 8, 23:59 UTC
    • You can challenge Evil Soul Subjugation once a day during the event period.
    • You can set the level of the boss to fight before the challenge begins, and when you defeat the boss, the challenge count is deducted and you will receive rewards.
    • If you fail to defeat a boss or quit the battle, your challenge count will not be deducted.


Boss Information

Apostle of War: Adrianne is an Angel type. 

Please follow her skill information below.

Skill Info



A bombing that destroys all things: Heavens' Strike


The Apostle of War flies into the air, creates a ring that amplifies her power, and charges through it to destroy everything. Deals 450% ATK damage to all enemies.

Lv. 200

Damage changes to 600%.

Lv. 300

Damage changes to 750%, recovers her HP by 3%.

Lv. 400

Damage changes to 900%, completely depletes the enemy's ultimate gauge.


A strike that pierces through the light: Charging Pierce


The Apostle of War concentrates energy at the tip of her spear. When she is done concentrating all energy, she charges at the furthest enemy, dealing 500% ATK damage, and pushes it back to the end of the battlefield. She becomes vulnerable to stuns while she is concentrating energy.

Lv. 120

Damage increases to 700%.

Lv. 220

Gains 3 stacks of "Vulnerability Protection" effect that protects her against stuns while she is concentrating energy. This effect depletes her stacks of buff every time she receives an attack.

Lv. 320

"Vulnerability Protection" stacks gained change to 6 stacks.

Lv. 410

Damage changes to 1000%. If she has at least 10 stacks of the "Deep Darkness" buff, she becomes completely immune to stuns.


An attack feared by darkness: Fearful Raid


The Apostle of War soars into the air and attacks the enemy with the highest HP, dealing shared damage equal to 800% of max ATK to the target and enemies within 4m around it, depending on the number of hit enemies.

Lv. 140

Damage changes to  1000%.

Lv. 240

Damage changes to 1200% and the hit target is pushed away.

Lv. 340

If only one enemy was caught up in the attack, damage dealt is doubled.

Lv. 420

Damage changes to  1600%.


An impact that penetrates the soul: Soul Penetration


The Apostle of War concentrates her power at a single point and thrusts her spear to the nearest enemy, dealing 300% ATK damage to enemies in a 3m wide and 10m long area. 

Lv. 160

Damage increases to 400%.

Lv. 260

Permanently grants the "Penetrating Damage" debuff that deals 70% ATK damage every 2 seconds to hit enemies. "Penetrating Damage" is removed when HP is fully recovered.

Lv. 360

Grants an effect that decreases HP recovery received by 50% to the "Penetrating Damage" effect.


The end, announced to all fools: End of Days


The Apostle of War moves to the center, pushes all enemies away, and summons 3 Spears of the Apostle once a certain period of time has passed after the battle. Each Spear of the Apostle is destroyed upon being attacked 3 times, and while the Spears of the Apostle exist, the Apostle of War cannot be attacked and receives the "Deep Darkness" buff that periodically increases her damage by 3% (can be stacked). Later on, she gets ready to destroy everything by concentrating dark energy. When she is done concentrating all dark energy, it causes a huge explosion, dealing 800% ATK damage to all enemies. 

Lv. 180

The Apostle of War regularly summons 2 Spears of the Apostle.

Lv. 280

The durability of the Spear of the Apostle changes so that it's destroyed upon being hit 5 times, damage increases to 1200%.

Lv. 380

The number of Spears of the Apostle summoned upon using "End of Days" changes to 4. Everything is destroyed if she has 20 stacks of "Deep Darkness."



The rewards for this evil soul subjugation will remain in the same format as before.



<Apostle of War> 

Rank 1

Frame: One Who Saved the Apostle of War

<Apostle of War> 

Rank 2

Frame: One Who Purified the Apostle of War

<Apostle of War> 

Rank 3

Frame: One Who Stopped the Apostle of War

<Apostle of War> 

Rank 100 or higher

Frame: Guide of a World Full of War

<Apostle of War> 

Rank 300 or higher

Frame: Guardian of a World Full of War

<Apostle of War> 

Rank 1,000 or higher

Frame: Warrior of a World Full of War

<Apostle of War> 

Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000

Adrianne’s Costume: <Apostle of War>

<Apostle of War>

Defeat higher than Lv. 301 

Adrianne’s Costume: <Incarnation of War>


Adrianne’s Costume: <Apostle of War>


Adrianne’s Costume: <Incarnation of War>


Defeat Reward




Evil Soul Coin x100

Keepsake Transcension Stone x5


Evil Soul Coin x150

Keepsake Transcension Stone x8


Evil Soul Coin x210

Keepsake Transcension Stone x10


Evil Soul Coin x260

Keepsake Transcension Stone x15


Evil Soul Coin x320

Keepsake Transcension Stone x20


Evil Soul Coin x370

Keepsake Transcension Stone x25


Evil Soul Coin x430

Keepsake Transcension Stone x30


Evil Soul Coin x480

Keepsake Transcension Stone x35


Evil Soul Coin x540

Keepsake Transcension Stone x40


Evil Soul Coin x590

Keepsake Transcension Stone x45


Evil Soul Coin x650

Keepsake Transcension Stone x50


Evil Soul Coin x700

Keepsake Transcension Stone x50


Evil Soul Coin x760

Keepsake Transcension Stone x50


Rank Reward

There is a 24-hour assessment period after the end of the Evil Soul Subjugation, and you must claim your rewards on the Rankings screen after the assessment period ends.




Everstone x3,000

Evil Soul Coin x33,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x300


Everstone x2,900

Evil Soul Coin x32,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x290


Everstone x2,800

Evil Soul Coin x31,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x280


Everstone x2,700

Evil Soul Coin x30,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x270


Everstone x2,500

Evil Soul Coin x29,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x260


Everstone x2,400

Evil Soul Coin x28,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x250


Everstone x2,300

Evil Soul Coin x27,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x240


Everstone x2,200

Evil Soul Coin x26,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x230


Everstone x2,000

Evil Soul Coin x25,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x220


Everstone x1,900

Evil Soul Coin x24,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x210


Everstone x1,800

Evil Soul Coin x23,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x200


Everstone x1,600

Evil Soul Coin x22,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x190


Everstone x1,500

Evil Soul Coin x21,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x180


Everstone x1,400

Evil Soul Coin x19,500

Keepsake Transcension Stone x170


Everstone x1,300

Evil Soul Coin x18,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x160


Everstone x1,200

Evil Soul Coin x16,500

Keepsake Transcension Stone x150


Everstone x1,100

Evil Soul Coin x15,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x140


Everstone x1,000

Evil Soul Coin x13,500

Keepsake Transcension Stone x130


Everstone x1,000

Evil Soul Coin x12,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x120


Everstone x1,000

Evil Soul Coin x10,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x110


Everstone x1,000

Evil Soul Coin x8,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x100

5001 or higher

Everstone x1,000

Evil Soul Coin x6,000

Keepsake Transcension Stone x80


[Double Reward Boosts]


[Part-time Job Double Rewards]

  • Part-time Job Double Rewards
    • Event Period: November 1 00:00 UTC—November 14, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards for performing part-time jobs.


[Cash Shop]

  • With the new seasonal event ongoing, check out the following packages where you have additional change to obtain event currencies and more!
  • Sale period: November 1 01:00—November 14, 23:59 UTC
  • If the product is not displayed, please proceed with reconnecting.


Pack Name

Purchase Limit


Halloween Special Pack 1


Everstone x3,250 + Erika’s Alchemy Ticket x15 + Artifact Summon Ticket x20 + Type Summon Ticket x20 + Main Enhance Circuit x40

Halloween Special Pack 2


Everstone x5,950 + Erika’s Alchemy Ticket x30 + Artifact Summon Ticket x30 + Origin Mold Selection Chest x2 + Set Keepsake Selection Chest x1




Any revisions and updates to the patch notes will be marked as well.

Thank you Saviors, and we hope you are as excited about the upcoming update as we are!