UPDATE Oct 19. 2023

Google Play Points Update - October 19, 2023

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Hello Saviors,

We would like to introduce the Google Play Point System for Eversoul where Saviors can purchase a cash coupon with Google Play Points. Please check the details below. 





Update Schedule: October 18 15:00 UTC—until a future notice


  • You can purchase a cash coupon by Google Play Points in Google Play.
  • Google Play Points (GPP) is a system in which you can accumulate points when paying through Google Play like in-app purchases.
  • You can use your balance to buy content that’s sold in the same currency as your balance. 


Required Google Play Points

10 USD

400 Points

20 USD

800 Points


  • This system will be effective for every country which can use GPP, and the price of a cash coupon can be different depending on exchange rate.


[How to Purchase Coupon]

  • You can purchase a cash coupon with Google Play Points on  [Profile] on the right upper corner ▶ [Play Points] ▶ [Use] ▶ [My App & Games] ▶ [Eversoul].
  • You can use the coupons to buy items in Eversoul's Cash Shop.
  • You have to sign up for Google Play Points to obtain Play Points. Please check below for how to sign up.


[How to Sign Up for Google Play Point]

  • With Mobile
    • Start Google Play Store app → Tap your account icon at the top-right corner → Tap Play Points → Tap Join for free
  • With PC
    • Open the Play Store. → On the left, click Play Points. → Click Join
    • Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/games



  • You can earn points with purchasing only after you join Google Play Points.
  • You can earn Google Play Points with only purchasing through Google Play Store.
  • You can inquire to the Google Play Store about inquiries of Google Play Points.
  • Schedules and contents are subject to the situations of Google Play Store.



Thank you.