Dual Gate Update Login Event

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Hello Saviors!


Get ready for the new upcoming content and new Souls release with a special 3-days login event!

Event Period: October 16, 00:00 UTC—October 19, 00:00 UTC

*You have to log in each day separately for the reward claimable only on that day.


Period to Log in


October 16, 00:00—October 17, 00:00 UTC

24h Resource Bundle x1

October 17, 00:00—October 18, 00:00 UTC

Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x5

October 18, 00:00—October 19, 00:00 UTC

Artifact Stone Set Chest x10


  • Please note you have just one day to claim the rewards allocated to each day. 
  • Rewards distributed to your in-game mailbox will remain for 7 days before being deleted, so make sure to claim your reward daily!

Thank you and we hope your Autumn is filled with warmth and fine tunes.