Operation Eden - Infinite Operation Score Reset

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We apologize for the inconvenience caused to Saviors by the reset of the [Operation Eden] - [Infinite Operation] score.

Due to the rush of the temporary maintenance, we were unable to provide detailed information in the maintenance notice.


Please find below details of the issue and circumstances that occurred,

and we will do our best to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


[Issue Details]

An error occurred during <Operation Eden - Infinite Operation> that allowed Saviors to earn abnormal scores, which was fixed through temporary maintenance on Tuesday, September 5.


[ Notice]

  • An issue has been confirmed in which Saviors could earn points corresponding to the previously selected restrictions against Level 100 enemies if they proceeded to Reset Selection after a battle while selecting restrictions in Infinite Operation.

       A. Defeated in battle after selecting restrictions in Infinite Operation

       B. Entering a battle after [Reset Selection] and winning against a level 100 enemy

       C. The points earned from the restrictions selected in A are reflected.


  • The above issue occurred when advancing without selecting restrictions due to a battle failure, so it could happen to many users rather than a specific user. Therefore, it was difficult to determine which users were suspected of exploiting the issue and which users unintentionally caused the issue to occur.



We were concerned that the bug could continue to allow users to earn abnormal scores, making it difficult for them to compete legitimately, so we fixed the bug in temporary maintenance on September 5.


We have reset all Infinite Operation Scores, as there are still records of Saviors earning abnormal scores due to the above issue.


  • If the tiered rewards were to be awarded on Thursday of this week as previously scheduled, we would not award tiered rewards this week and will instead award double- tiered rewards the following week.


We recognize that a lot of time and effort has gone into achieving high scores in Infinite Operation.


However, we realize that proceeding without resetting scores could result in abnormally high scores that could lead to other issues in the future, so we have decided to reset scores as a temporary measure.


The longer we delayed the reset, the more victims would be affected, so we apologize once again for not being able to fully explain this to our Saviors beforehand.


As a way of apologizing to Saviors for the time and effort they've spent on this issue, we are giving out 2100 Everestones, which is in addition to the reward we gave out for completing the temporary maintenance.


Additional Reward: 2100 Everstones


Claimable Period: Until September 12, 00:00 UTC



Words cannot possibly express how sorry we are for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to the issue.

We will do our best to prevent this from happening in the future.


Thank you.


Kim Cheol Hui, the Chief Producer of Eversoul