Soul Level Decrease/Loss of Level Up Resources - August 31, 2023

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Hello Saviors,

Currently, there is an issue where Soul Level decreases / resources for Level-up disappear in the game. Please check the details below.


Information about an issue for Soul Level Decrease/Loss of Level Up Resources


We've received many reports from Saviors about the level decrease and loss of level-up resources. We would like to apologize for the delay in providing this information due to the importance of the issue and the need to closely check the issue.



  • Souls are 2 leveling up instead of 1 level up due to an error.
    • We have confirmed that leveling up sometimes causes players to gain level 2 instead of level 1.
    • Only the resources required for 1 level-up will be consumed.



  • Due to the issue, it appears in-game that you have gained 2 levels, only the resources needed to gain 1 level are spent, and the actual level saved on the server is saved as having gained 1 level.
  • If a player spends the resources needed to level up to level 1 but is leveled up to level 2, the server will not spend the resources. the server will not level you up, so your actual level stored on the server will be the level you gained by 1 level up.
  •  If you level up a Soul and it gains 2 levels up instead of 1, and the Savior resets Soul or reconnects Eversoul, the original data will be reloaded. 
  •  The original data is reloaded, exposing the data that actually gained 1 level up.
    • This could lead to a misunderstanding that the level was reduced.



  •  Example of an error when leveling up from level 300
    • Lv. 300 → Lv. 302 (2 level increase issue)
    • The actual level stored on the server is level 301, and resources are consumed according to level 301.


Example 1) Reducing the level of a Soul

  • If you reconnect while your level is incorrectly raised to Lv. 302, your Soul’s level will return to the Lv. 301 stored on the server.
  • This can be misinterpreted by the Savior as 'my Soul’s level has been reduced'.


Example 2) Loss of Level-up resources

  • If you reset your Soul while it is incorrectly leveled up to Lv. 302
    • The server will level the Soul to Lv.301 → Lv. 1 and give you the resources needed to reach Lv. 301.
    • However, if the Savior determines that you reset to Lv. 302 → 1, and you subsequently attempt to level another Soul to Lv.302, you will run out of resources.
  • This can lead to a situation where the Savior would realize that the resource is missing. 



  • During our checks for the above issue, we found that some content actually reflects leveled (level 302) Souls in error.
  • Although we had a device in place to compare the data stored on the device to the actual data on the server and take action if there was a difference, that device was missing some content. 
  • This issue could have further misled saviors into thinking that the level they were getting an error on was the actual level, and we'll be taking quick action on this.




As we explained above, the server is only leveling up to the actual level that was consumed (Lv. 301), not to the level that was caused by the error (Lv. 302), and it is only consuming the exact amount of resources that were leveled up (Lv. 301).


When we look at the logs, there is seemingly no difference between the consumption and leveling results, so we're not able to provide a satisfactory answer to the Saviors in time, despite the fact that there's actually a misleading situation occurring.


We realize that this can happen, and we'll try to provide better service in the future.



We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

We will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Thank you.