UPDATE Aug 8. 2023

Patch Notes (Updated) - August 10, 2023

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This week the new Fairy Soul Daphne will be introduced to all Saviors, preparing to welcome her mighty hammer!
Additionally, new Unlimited Gate Depths will open, and Dual gates will reward you with double Mana Crystals.

Finally, the Keepsake presets have been revised too!

Take a look at all the details here below.


*UPDATE August 10, 02:00 UTC


[New Content]


[Gate Breakthrough - Unlimited Gate (Gate Depths)]

  • Unlimited Gate in Gate Breakthrough will be expanded to have new Stages called Gate Depths .
    • Update Schedule: August 10 after maintenance 
  • Gate Depths is a new content when it becomes available after clearing Unlimited Gate 400 Stages.
  • Gate Depths require 3 decks and enemy Souls are equipped with Artifacts and Keepsakes.
  • All kinds of Souls (allies and enemies) will be able to use Ultimate Skill once per Soul.


[Soul Link]

  • New Soul Link for Daphne and Flynn will be added.
    • Update Schedule: August 10 after maintenance 


[Upcoming Soul Pick-up]


  • Daphne's Pick-Up Summon event will start. There's a higher chance of getting Daphne through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: August 10 after maintenance—August 30, 23:59 UTC


[Double Reward Boosts]


[Dual Gate Double Rewards] 

  • Dual Gate Double Reward Event 
    • Event Period: August 9 00:00 UTC—August 22, 23:59 UTCAugust 10, 00:00 UTC—August 23, 23:59 UTC (2 week long period as usual)
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the Mana Crystals for completing Dual Gate stages.

* UPDATED: August 9, 06:32 UTC  


[New Soul]


  • The new Fairy Soul is coming!
    • Daphne will be available from August 10 after maintenance.


Skill Type

Skill Name



Maximum Output Release

Releases the hammer's maximum output! Deals additional ATK damage in a 5m long 120 degree angle towards the nearest enemy, deals additional damage that increases up to a certain amount of her ATK (the lower her current HP, the higher the increase), and stuns the target for a certain period of time.                                                          


Shock Release

Releases charged up shock energy. Deals additional ATK damage to the nearest enemy and those within 2.5m and stuns targets for a period of time. If she has the Shock Absorption buff, she releases the buff, dealing additional damage equal to the amount of damage the buff has accumulated.                                                         


Binding Will

Protects all allies by binding their HP. Daphne receives a certain amount of the damage received by bound allies for a period of time, and she gains a Shock Absorption buff which stores 50% of the damage received.                            


Blacksmith God's Blessing

      Enhances her and her allies through the blessing of a blacksmith god. All allies receive the Blacksmith God's Weapon effect which increases their ATK for a certain period of time, and Daphne receives the Blacksmith God's Armor effect which absorbs damage equal to a certain amount  of her max HP for a certain period of time.                       


Artisan Spirit

When Daphne's HP is completely depleted, she receives the Blacksmith's Endurance effect. This effect removes all of her debuffs, and grants her immunity to crowd control and knock back effects while preventing her from becoming incapacitated for a certain period of time. Just before the effect ends, she recovers 100% of the damage she received during the effect's duration.                           


  • Details of the skill specs (such as percentage and/or duration) can be found in-game. Skill specs may change through a future skill balance patch.




[Love Story]

  • Catherine's voice in Daphne’s Love Story will be added in a future update.



  • 2 Summer Event Lobby Backgrounds will be added. They can be obtained by clearing the event story, and will be given to your mailbox.
  • The Korean vocal version of <Goodbye, Summer> will be added to the lobby BGM.
  • The BGM on the login page will be changed to the Korean vocal version of <Goodbye, Summer>.




[Quality of Life Changes]


Keepsake Preset

  • Soul type filters will be added.
  • Role/Stats/Tier filters will be added.
  • Displays Soul’s combat powers, stats, and role.
  • A button to bulk unequip all equipped Keepsakes for all Souls will be added.
  • A feature to delete an existing preset will be added.


[Cash Shop]

  • New Daphne pick-up packages are added.
    • Sale Period: August 10 after maintenance—August 31, 00:00 UTC

Pack Name

Purchase Limit


Daphne Release Pack 1


Everstone x1,250 + Pick-up Summon Ticket x15

Daphne Release Pack 2


Everstone x3,250 + Pick-up Summon Ticket x20 + Fairy Soul Summon Ticket (Rare) +15

Daphne Release Pack 3


Everstone x5,950 + Pick-up Summon Ticket x30 + Fairy Soul Summon Ticket (Rare) x20 + Soul's Memory: Daphne x60


  • New breakthrough packages for Unlimited Gate (Gate Depths) that become available for reaching certain stages in Gate Breakthrough have been added.
    • Sale period: Permanent addition from after August 10 regular maintenance. 
  • A Eternal+ Keepsake with Set Option can be obtained when you open a Set Keepsake Chest (Eternal+).
  • Please refer to the Summon Probability Table for the Set Keepsake Chest (Eternal+) item here

Pack Name

Purchase Limit


Unlimited Depths Stage 10 Boost Pack


Everstone x3,250 + Set Keepsake Chest (Eternal+) x2 + Erika’s Alchemy Ticket x10 + Artifact Summon Ticket x20 + Currency Selection Chest (24 Hours) x4

Unlimited Depths Stage 40 Boost Pack


Everstone x5,950 + Set Keepsake Chest (Eternal+) x3 + Erika’s Alchemy Ticket x20 + Artifact Summon Ticket x40 + Currency Selection Chest (24 Hours) x7


  • Please check the price and details of the new packages from the in-game Cash Shop.




Any revisions and updates to the patch notes will be marked as well.

Thank you Saviors, and we hope you are as excited about the upcoming update as we are!