UPDATE Jul 24. 2023

Dev’s Note - Evil Soul Subjugation: Mad Beast

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Hello Saviors.


We would like to introduce the fourth upcoming Evil Soul Subjugation boss “Mad Beast: Aira” starting from July 27 to August 2. She came to Eden as an Evil Soul so we need you all to save Eden from her. 

Defeat her and claim valuable rewards such as Aira’s special costumes during the event period. 


Please check the details below.


*UPDATED: July 24, 11:47 UTC


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[Evil Soul Subjugation]


*Please note screenshots are provided in Korean.


  • The 4th Evil Soul Subjugation
    • Period:  July 27  after maintenance—August 02 23:59 UTC


Mad Beast Aira


The rewards for this evil soul subjugation will remain in the same format as before.

  • Please note that the in-game terminologies could be different from the information displayed in the table below. 



<Mad Beast> 

Rank 1

Frame: One Who Saved the Mad Beast

<Mad Beast> 

Rank 2

Frame: One Who Purified the Mad Beast

<Mad Beast> 

Rank 3

Frame: One Who Stopped the Mad Beast

<Mad Beast> 

Rank 100 or higher

Frame: Guide of a World Full of Madness

<Mad Beast> 

Rank 300 or higher

Frame: Guardian of a World Full of Madness

<Mad Beast> 

Rank 1,000 or higher

Frame: Warrior of a World Full of Madness

<Mad Beast> 

Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000

Aira's Costume: <Roaring Madness>

<Mad Beast>

Defeat higher than Lv. 301 

Aira's Costume: <Shivering Madness>


Please check out the costumes claimable as the Achievement Rewards below.


Aira’s Costume <Roaring Madness>  for Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000



Aira’s Costume <Shivering Madness> for defeating Lv.301.





I appreciate your interest in the theme song of <The Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears>, <Ghost>. 

The upcoming theme song of <Mad Beast>, <Prey> will be also uploaded to Youtube. Please turn your attention.



Kim Cheol Hui the chief producer of Eversoul.