Forced Update Notice - June 9

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 Hello Saviors,

We have applied a non-maintenance patch on June 9, 01:45 UTC to make revisions on the known issues  below. As this will be a forced period, you will need to update the game first in order to be able to play Eversoul.

Please make sure to restart our game client to have the latest fix applied.


  • Forced update period: From June 9, 01:45 UTC onward.
    • From this period, the forced update will be needed to connect and continue playing Eversoul.



[Patch Content]

  • Fix on the issue of the stacks not stacking into a single buff but being split into multiple buffs for skills with multiple stacks at the same time. (Issue occurred for Miriam / Manon / Linzy / Violette)
  • Fix on the issue that occurred when using Sweep in the Mini Game (Waving Forest of Monsters) more than once, there was a display issue where the My Cumulative Points shows accumulated points for only one time progress of the Mini Game.
  • Fix on the intermittent issue that occurred where the results screen would not appear after the round of Mini Game had ended.
  • Various bug fixes for the Mini Game Waving Forest of Monsters.
  • Fix on Xiaolian's ultimate skill voice not being played.
  • Fix on part of Xiaolian's skill effect not being played.


We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We will work hard to provide a better gaming experience in your adventures in Eden.


Thank you.