UPDATE May 25. 2023

Evil Soul Subjugation Ranking Calculator Issue Resolved - May 25

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Hello Saviors,

We have applied a non-maintenance patch on May 25, 11:32 UTC to make revisions on the content below.



[Patch Content]

  • Fixed an issue where Ranking calculator results displayed incorrectly when defeating the boss of the same level in Evil Soul Subjugation.
    • We will be giving out Evil Soul Subjugation Ticket x1 and more as a compensation as your rankings will reset with the issue resolution.


  • Sweep
    • As an Evil Soul Subjugation Ticket will be sent out, please Challenge the Evil Soul Subjugation again. (If you perform Sweep, your ranking will not be recorded).


  • Your accumulated level point will remain after the patch (Doomsday Doll 1,000 total levels cleared)


  • Compensation: Everstone x500 + Evil Soul Subjugation Ticket x1
    • Claimable Period: May 25, 11:32 UTC—June 1, 00:00 UTC
    • Please make sure to claim your reward from your in-game mailbox and mind the claim period.
    • Your reward will also remain in your mailbox for 7 days, so please make sure to claim it within the expiration period.



If you were logged into the game when the non-maintenance patch had occurred, you can restart your game to download and have the latest build updated.



We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We will work hard to provide a better gaming experience in your adventures in Eden.


Thank you.