Instant Recovery Issue Compensation

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Hello Saviors,

We have fixed an issue where more Everstones were being deducted for Instant Recovery in Town for certain conditions. Compensation for the players affected due to the issue has also been scheduled. Please find details below.





  • It was confirmed that more Everstones were consumed in certain conditions for Instant Recovery in Town > Soul's Rest, and this issue has been fixed since a patch on May 18. In addition,  the players identified to have experienced this issue have been compensated with differential Everstone payout during the maintenance today. 


  • Compensation claim period: 5/25 after maintenance—6/1 00:00 UTC


  • Compensation distributed to your in-game mailbox will remain for 7 days before being deleted, so make sure to receive them within the claim period.


We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We will work hard to provide a better gaming experience in your adventures in Eden.


Thank you.