UPDATE May 22. 2023

Dev's Note - Upcoming content for May 25 and Tower of Origin Postponement

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This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.

We would like to inform you that Tower of Origin content planned for May 25 has been postponed, and we would also like to share some details on the May 25 update. Especially, the second Soul balance patch announced earlier will be included so please take a look.

Please do note content and details announced here are subject to change with actual updates in which case we will make further announcements.



[Tower of Origin Postponement]


We first want to apologize as the Tower of Origin originally planned for May 25 update will be delayed by 1 week to June 1 due to the development schedule. Besides Tower of Origin, content planned for May 25 will be updated as normal including Dimensional Labyrinth revisions and Evil Soul Subjugation. 



[Upcoming Content for May 25]




  • The 3D modelings of Ayame and Vivienne will be renewed.
  • Epilogue will be added into Velanna’s Love story. The Epilogue is available after playing Velanna’s True Ending.


[New Content]

  • Guild Raid with the new Guild Raid boss Ruthra is coming up. 
    • Guild Raid (Ruthra) Period: Jun. 01 08:00 UTC—Jun. 7, 23:59 UTC


  • New content Evil Soul Subjugation will be added.
    • Evil Soul Subjugation sets you out on a subjugation of corrupted Souls from a timeline where the Souls ‘could not meet the Savior' as they will appear as bosses to defeat.
    • The first corrupted Soul you must face is <Doomsday Doll: Jacqueline> and you can progress with the subjugation for 1 week.
      • Subjugation Period: May 25 after maintenance—May 31, 23:59 UTC 
    • Please refer to the Evil Soul Subjugation details in the Dev's Note revealed earlier <HERE>.


[Dimensional Labyrinth Revision]

  • Dimensional Labyrinth will have an introduction story added.
  • The existing automatic monster leveling methods will be discarded, and you will now select the desired stage among several stages.
    • Please refer back to the Dev's Note revealed previously on the upcoming Labyrinth revisions <HERE>.


[Arena/Champs Arena]

  • Defense formations in Arena will also follow the way of using duplicated decks as in Champs Arena.
  • It will be revised so that you will be able to claim your Login Time Rewards (rewards given for keeping your rank) at Champs Arena panel via [Adventure] > [Arena] tap.


[Gate Breakthrough]

  • On the first day of a Soul Pick-up event, the type-specific gate for that Soul’s type will be open temporarily.



  • It will be changed so that you can zoom in only after using the <View Change> function while interacting with an object.
  • While you are sitting in a chair in Town, you can use the <Call Soul> function which will call upon the Soul to come and sit next to you.