Dimensional Labyrinth Issue Compensation

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Hello Saviors,

For the issue where Dimensional Labyrinth content was not working properly for some players on May 5 (Fri.), we have sent compensation with the May 18 maintenance. 


We apologize for the inconvenience caused to those affected; please find the details below:




In order to calculate the compensation for the Dimensional Labyrinth progress issue that occurred on May 5 (Fri.), we have researched all players within the period of May 3 00:00 UTC to May 9 00:00 UTC and found that there were 2 cases where DImensional Labyrinth caused issues:


Case 1. Rewards not claimable in Labyrinth after monster kills.

Case 2. Labyrinth progress not being possible due to the bridge not being formed


For the players affected by the 2 issues above, missing compensation will be sent with May 18 maintenance.




  • Compensation claim period: 5/18 after maintenance—5/25 00:00 UTC


Compensation distributed to your in-game mailbox will remain for 7 days before being deleted, so make sure to receive them within the claim period.


  • For case 1: Missing rewards (Gold, Labyrinth Coin, Artifact Stones) will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
    • Rewards are calculated based on the fact that the issue occurred during the Double Labyrinth Reward boost period.
  • For case 2:  Double the amount of Labyrinth Tickets for uncompleted count of Dimensional Labyrinth (that were started but could not be completed) will be sent.



[How to use Labyrinth Ticket]


  1. If you obtain a Labyrinth Ticket, you will see from the bottom right corner of your Dimensional Labyrinth.
  • Labyrinth Ticket will only be usable after you have completed the entire Dimensional Labyrinth already. Pressing on the [Enter Dungeon] will reset your dungeon.
    • If you have not already cleared the entire Dimensional Labyrinth, you cannot use the Labyrinth Ticket.