UPDATE May 15. 2023

Dev's Note - Tower of Origin and Evil Soul Subjugation

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Hello Saviors.


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.

We hope to introduce Tower of Origin content and Evil Soul Subjugation today which we have given a sneak peek in the 2Q roadmap before. 


Please take a look below at these exciting new additions coming up!


Tower of Origin


In the May 25 update, we will disclose the Tower of Origins for the first ark, Ark Metatron (Mephistopheles) and Tetrabiblos (Talia). Afterwards, we will be revealing the Tower of Origin of other Souls sequentially.


[Tower of Origin]


  • As the Savior's supernatural abilities develop, the new feature hidden in the Ark Metatron, the Tower of Origin, has been unlocked.
  • Tower of Origin can be entered from Adventure → Tower of Origin.
  • The first Tower of Origins offered is for Ark Metatron (Mephistopheles) and Tetrabiblos (Talia). 


  • As you progress through each stage, you can unlock new stories or engage in battles.



*Please note screenshots are provided in Korean.



  • The relevant Tower of Origin Soul must be included in the battle. (i.e. Mephistopheles must be included when you are going through the Ark Metatron Tower of Origin)