UPDATE May 11. 2023

Manon Pack Feature Addition

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Hello Saviors.


As we have shared in the Dev's Note - Upcoming Labyrinth Revisions, a Sweep feature will be added to Dimensional Labyrinth and as a result, the cash shop item Manon Pack will receive an additional function. Please find details below:



Manon Pack Feature Addition


  • Effective Period: From after May 25 maintenance 
  • As a Sweep feature is being added to Dimensional Labyrinth in its revision, the following features will be added to Manon Packs:
    • Additional feature: 10% more Labyrinth Coins obtained from the Dimensional Labyrinth
  • After the Dimensional Labyrinth revamp on May 25, the Skip feature in Dimensional Labyrinth will be available to all Saviors without the need to purchase the Manon Pack.


We will announce the detailed timeline and feature addition to the Manon Pack in future posts as well. We hope you enjoy the revamped Dimensional Labyrinth after the May 25 update, and we will work hard to provide a better gaming experience in your adventures in Eden.


Thank you.