Souls' Modeling Change (Miriam)

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Hello Saviors,


We have confirmed that Miriam's motion and modeling had been changed since the March 9 update and wanted to provide details on this change.


Currently, we are in the process of renewal work on Souls that had had early development. Miriam was one of the first Souls to be produced thus being included in this list.


With the Love Story release for Miriam on March 9 maintenance, we had to disclose and offer the modeling of the renewed costume first before the original modeling. The animation was disconnected due to this addition of the renewed modeling, and a new animation had to be connected.


In the process of linking new animations, some issues occurred where the older version of the animation was linked or camera angles had changed, and the current animation being shown in-game differs from the previous animation.


We will apply the same motion for Miriam as before in the near future and provide you with details on this measure at a later notice.


We will proceed as little as possible to change the design or animation of the released Souls in the future, and if a change is unavoidably necessary, we will inform you through an advanced notice before proceeding with a modification.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this known issue and ask for your patience until it is reverted.


Thank you!