Dev's Note - Upcoming Changes to Guild Raid and Champs Arena

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Hello Saviors,


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


We have revealed the Guild Raid and Champs Arena with the last maintenance on March 9. We first want to apologize that the contents which you have all been waiting for may not have been satisfactory. Since the addition of the contents, we have been carefully monitoring all of your feedback and have decided to apply the following changes to the Guild Raid and Champs Arena as follows:


Changes applied to Guild Raids


Originally, Guild Raids were designed to have Guild members collaborating together to defeat the boss with a shared HP. However, the current Guild Raid system is not working in this intended way and players were reluctant to try the content without clear communication among the guild members. In order to improve upon this, we have decided to replace the existing policy and change it so that guilds can compete by summing up the best records of the individual members.


  • General
    • Guild raid boss will no longer share HP but change to be a personal raid boss.
    • The guild raid boss is not defeated but will have multiple lines of HP.


  • Participation
    • You can participate 3 times a day.
    • The boss's HP you bring down will continue to be maintained as you participate up to 3 times per day. (The boss's HP will reset on the next day when you try again).
    • If you have completed a guild raid one day, you can use the skip (sweep feature to instantly clear) from the next day.


  • Score calculation
    • The damage individual members inflict on the boss over 3 times per day will be saved. If you inflict higher damage the next day and beat your own personal best record, it will be replaced. (Beat-your-best-score method)
    • After the end of the battle, you can either confirm and save the current record or cancel and perform the battle again.
    • The more lines of HP you deplete from the raid boss, the higher your scores will be.
    • The best scores of each guild member will then be summed up to determine your guild's final score which will ultimately decide the guild's ranking.
    • Note it is not accumulating scores during the entire Guild Raid but summing up only the best scores of your guild members. So, if you feel you have already reached your best score for the day, you can use the Skip feature for the remaining counts of guild raid by choice.


  • Rewards
    • The existing Battle (Participation) Reward and the Victory Reward will be gone.
    • *New Personal Accumulated Record Reward: When the accumulated points obtained from daily guild raid participation reach a target cumulative score, a one-time reward will be given. (If the score obtained today does not exceed your current best score, the highest score obtained for the day will be accumulated).
    • Ranking Reward: As before, after the end of the guild raid period, all guild members will be rewarded according to your guild's final ranking. However, instead of the scores calculated by accumulated damage across guild members, it will be changed that each guild member's best scores are summed up to decide on the guild ranking.


  • Other
    • When you participate for the first time of the day, a clone deck that duplicates your Souls' current data and specs will be temporarily created and used. After the clone deck is created, the Soul Reset, Keepsake enhancement, and Soul growth performed on your original deck afterward will not affect your clone deck (However, this feature will not be included in the next Guild Raid).
    • The issue where Petra's skill ignores the damage reduction buff effect of the boss will be fixed.
    • During the 3 times of participation allowed per day, it will be restricted so that you cannot duplicately use a Treasure from the same group again. (You will need to use a Treasure from each of the 3 groups).


We are aiming to apply the changes above on March 30th. Due to the many changes to come, the next Guild Raid planned on March 30th will continue with Charite as the guild boss.


Additionally, when the clone deck system is applied, the efficiency of using the same Soul multiple times will decrease as you will no longer be able to equip all of the Keepsakes into the same Soul multiple times. We will look at this and other issues that could arise from the changes, review them altogether and provide additional countermeasures.


Changes applied to Champs Arena

Champs Arena was designed to be content that allows you to compete against other Saviors' decks using more decks than Arena and earn more Arena Coins.

We did not want to enforce excessively competitive PvP and approached this in a light way similar to the previous Arena, but as a result, this did not incite much interest in Champs Arena participation and only increased homework for Saviors to do.


In order to improve upon these points, we will replace the existing policy and apply a new method of giving our rewards based on the time when your ranking is maintained.


  • Participation and Matching
    • 5 daily entries for free + Champs Arena Ticket + Consuming Everstones for additional entries will remain the same.
    • You will be matched only with a player of a higher ranking. So, the current Top Ranker (at 1st place) will not be able to try matching.


  • Ranking
    • If you beat your opponent, you will switch rankings with the opponent


  • Rewards
    • The existing Victory Reward, Daily Reward, Weekly Reward will all be removed.
    • Your rewards will accumulate based on the time you maintain your current ranking.


  • Other
    • When setting your Defense deck, a clone deck that replicates your Souls' current data and specs will be temporarily created and used. After the clone deck is created, the Soul Reset, Keepsake enhancement, and Soul growth performed on your original deck afterward will not affect your clone deck.
    • Champs Arena Double Rewards event will be changed so that the cumulative rewards for maintaining your Champs Arena ranking time will increase.


As the applied changes to come above will ask Saviors to maintain a top ranking for as long as they can, we anticipate this could create more competitive and strategic content for you to enjoy.


The details of the revisions to come above will be explained in detail on the upcoming patch notes, but please note it can be revised with the actual patch. 


Also, we are looking into revising events as well as we are currently screening all of your feedback. It is not possible to apply all of the revisions but we will make sure to take into consideration your valuable feedback in the future events to come.


To show our appreciation and apology, we will be sending 1,000 Everstones to all Saviors which can be claimed by March 20, 00:00 UTC.


In addition, as tomorrow is White Day, there will be additional rewards of 1,004 Everstones going out so please stay tuned for those rewards as well.


We will work hard to listen to all of your valuable feedback.




Thank you


Kim Cheol Hui


P.S. In the next update, we will remove the Affection point decrease from the Affection system…