Dev's Note - Upcoming Contents for March 9 and Follow-up on Hire Soul Bug

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Hello Saviors,



This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


Today, we would like to update you on the measures taken for the hotfix that resolved the Hire Soul bug that removed the Retry button temporarily and also disclose some details on the upcoming March 9 update. 



Hire Soul Bug Follow-up


As announced on Feb 24 [here], we found a bug where a friend's Soul could be borrowed repeatedly. We have found that after research, you needed to have 4 fully grown Souls beside the Hired Soul in order to progress further into the stages, and there were not enough cases where players needed to be banned.


However, we are continuing with our research and if we discover exploited cases with this bug, we may take action in the future.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we would like to send 2,100 Everstones as compensation which you can claim until March 7 00:00 UTC from your in-game mailbox.



Upcoming Contents


Details on the in-game Flower Event "Spring Blooming in Your Heart" will be revealed with the March 9 patch notes, and for now we want to share more about the other content and revisions to come.


*Please note the images provided inside the post are available in Korean for now. You will be able to see the English version in the live build with the update. Thank you for your understanding.





Overall revisions have been performed on Town based on the feedback shared by our Saviors (the bug fixes have not been noted here).


  • The Charge motion in town will be changed to a Roll motion to allow you to move easily and freely around your town. You will be utilizing this Roll motion and attack motion to enjoy the new mini-game prepared for the Flower Event "Dangerous Fayren Forest '' (tentative title) to the fullest.
  • It will be revised so that players can now pass through the empty spaces between buildings placed in Town.


  • The castle wall located at the 6 o'clock position will now disappear momentarily if you approach it.


  •  New animation when selecting, releasing, and exchanging Souls at a Soul's residence will be added.


  • The Charge motion will now change to a Roll motion. If you roll and hit a wall, you will not stop but bounce back and continue to roll in a certain direction.
    • There will not be a cooltime for Rolling unlike Charging from before.



  • From the Part-Time Job window, a new button where you can check the part-time job skills of the Souls will be added and the UI will be revamped.

  • The Part-Time Job window before only showed stats related to part-time jobs, and the rest window showed up to 3 stats only. We made the necessary changes to revise these inconveniences.


  • The camera zoom in and zoom out will not occur when placing Tiles and other objects consecutively, and the speed of placing the objects will be improved. (You won't feel so dizzy anymore).


  • The Observe button will be added to the object management screen. Pressing this button will hide the object management UI.


Bond System

There was some feedback that the penalty regarding the Affection system is a bit harsh. We will alleviate the Affection system penalty as follows: 


  • Daily decrease of Affection system penalty will be changed from 100 → 50.
  • Affection system is also related to the Flower Event's mini-game "Dangerous Fayren Forest."
  • The affection points you gain after the Affection system unlocks ranging from daily conversation, Gifting, Lost Item quests, and Outing will double.


Friend & Guild

It was a pity that there were no rewards for renting out your Souls to your friends under Hire Soul, so we will assign additional rewards to be given when your Soul is rented out to a friend.


  • Every time your friend Hires your Soul, you will receive 1 Heart as a reward. 
    • You can obtain at max 20 Hearts.
  • You can press and hold the portrait of the friend's Soul you would like to hire under Hire Soul to check the details of the Soul.
  • "Weekly Contribution" will be added to the Guild. The "Guild Contribution" from before will now be called "Accumulated Contribution."


Before, there was only accumulated contribution from your guild so it was not possible to track the activity of a newly-joined player who newly-joined a guild. The weekly contribution system will be added to revise this.




There were comments that the reset cooldown for Release Shop is too long. In order to improve upon this, the reset time for Release Shop will change from the previous 1 month to 1 week.


  • Reset frequency of the Release Shop will change from 1 month → 1 week.
    • From one week after you update to the latest patch on March 9, you will see the reset cooldown change to 1-week intervals.


  • A higher-grade Soul release will now be available through the Release Soul menu. 
    • You will be able to use this new feature to release Epic Souls born with Epic and Epic+ grades. 
    • You can only release Epic and Epic+ copies of a Soul that has reached Origin +5.


  • The left tab on the Soulpedia menu will be changed from Grade to Type. 
    • You will still be able to filter by Grade from a new filter button to be added to the bottom of the screen.


  • From the Soul's List, Soulpedia, and battle formation placement screen, you will be able to set the Role and Stats.


  • The max amount of Souls you can own will increase from 200 → 300.


We will be adding the new feature of allowing you to release only Epic and Epic+ copies of Souls that reached Origin +5 Soul born of Epic grade as we have received feedback that there was no clear way to utilize such Soul when you Summon and obtain the same Soul again.




  • Catherine's Love Story will be added!
    • Upon reaching True Ending of Catherine's Love Story, you will receive an exclusive costume for Catherine.


  • Miriam's Love Story will be added!
    • Upon reaching True Ending of Miriam's Love Story, you will receive an exclusive costume for Miriam.



We have been hearing that there was not enough chemistry with the Souls you have reached True Ending under Lover Story with. In order to improve upon this, we are in the process of revising Love Stories that have been released before as well as undisclosed Love Stories. As for Velanna, we have only applied slight revisions to the story content.


However, there are voice recordings (in Korean only) for Love Stories that need to be newly done, so the revision is taking some time.


In addition, we have scrapped the Main Story Chapter 5 which was created before, and started building this from scratch to provide a better storyline. Please understand the Main Story update could take longer than expected.




With this upcoming Flower update, we will reveal Battlefront area 18, Gate Breakthrough will be expanded to have 300 Stages for Unlimited Gate and 150 Stages for Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, and Undead Gates. In addition, we will be disclosing the following new content:


  • Champs Arena will be added.


  • Guild Raid will be added.


Guild Raid which was planned for the March 2 update has been postponed to March 9 update. We apologize once again for the delay, and we are also looking into revising the Guild Raid schedule to take into account the feedback you have given stating the game does not have enough content to play. However, this is not fixed and we will be considering many things before confirming the schedule. 


Also for the delay, we would like to send out 100 Hearts per day from March 1 to March 8 for 8 days. Distribution will be done at 00:00 UTC each day, and you will have 24 hours to collect the daily 100 Hearts from your in-game mailbox or they will disappear, so please make sure to claim them daily.


  • Arena Coins will be added to the Weekly Ranking Rewards distributed from Arena.


We have noticed that some of you did not have enough supply of Arena Coins and could not purchase items offered in the Arena Shop. With the addition of Champs Arena, there will be an increased supply of Arena Coins, but we will also reward Arena Coins additionally via Arena Weekly Ranking Rewards. 


Future Update to Come


Next, we want to give you a heads up on contents and events under development, but will not be ready just yet for the March 9 update.


[Dimensional Labyrinth]


  • Retry function per each level of Dimensional Labyrinth.


We are considering an addition of a retry function for those Saviors who have chosen a high-difficulty or wrong paths and cannot progress further. 


The retry function will allow you to reset the difficulty level of the current stage or allow you to choose your path from the beginning.


However, in order to have this new feature added, the items you get instantly during the progress of the Dimensional Labyrinth (from winning in battles or opening chests) will have to change to the process of rewards being given all at once for clearing the entire stage, or when giving up on the Labyrinth, or when completely resetting the Labyrinth.



  • A Hidden Stage will be added to Dimensional Labyrinth.


Some of you have voiced out that the current Dimensional Labyrinth is too easy. In order to make up for this, we are preparing an addition to the Hidden Stages.


The Hidden Stage will require 3 keys to unlock, and only one key per stage can be collected, so all three stages need to be cleared. Inside the hidden stages, you will be battling against the colossal boss monsters you face in Guild Raids and therefore gain bigger rewards.


[Town - Resting]


  • Rest Slot Expansion.


We have seen comments that there are not enough Rest slots to help recover Energy of your Souls in Town. In order to revise this, we are preparing to offer a "Resort Ticket" (tentative term) that will appear at a chance to be purchasable via the Town Shop.


If you purchase this Resort Ticket, your Rest slot will be expanded to a maximum of 10 additional slots.


We are also working on a Resort view for you to see your Souls resting in the Commercial District, but due to the development schedule we will be revealing the Resort Ticket first.


In addition, we are working on a Tower of Origin (Tentative term) in which you will be able to discover the origin and background story of your Souls, hard difficulty mode in Battlefront stages, and other new contents. However, we cannot disclose any details at the moment, so we will announce more on new contents to come in the near future.




We thank you Saviors for the continuous love and support you have shown and this fuels us to continue to develop and improve our game.


But we also speak with heavy hearts as we know we cannot attend to all of your feedback in a timely manner.


We will work hard to listen to all of your feedback and provide a better game and gaming environment. 


As noted above, we will be giving out 2,100 Everstones to all for the inconvenience caused with the Retry button removal due to the Hire Soul bug which can be claimed until March 7, 00:00 UTC.


In addition, to show our appreciation and thank you for your patience waiting for the upcoming content, we will be giving out 100 Hearts to all Saviors for a series of 8 days from March 1 to March 8.


You will have 24-hours each day to claim the daily 100 Hearts rewards, so please make sure to check in daily from March 1 00:00 UTC to March 2 00:00 UTC, March 2 to March 3, and so on until March 8.



Thank you

Kim Cheol Hui