Dimensional Labyrinth Reset Issue Compensation

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Hello Saviors,


We found an issue where Dimensional Labyrinth has been automatically reset for certain players on Feb. 3 (Fri.)

We are currently looking into this issue and as a token of apology, we have sent 500 Everstones to all players. Please find details below:


  • Issue: Dimensional Labyrinth being reset for certain players on Feb. 3
    • Dimensional Labyrinth for this week will reset on Feb. 4 00:00 UTC for all players as scheduled.
  • Compensation: 500 Everstones
    • Claim period: Feb. 3, 08:00 UTC—Feb. 9, 00:00UTC
    • Please make sure to claim the compensation within the claim period or they will disappear.



  • For players who have participated in the Dimensional Labyrinth just once during Feb 2. 00:00 UTC—Feb. 3 23:59 UTC:
    • We are currently developing a "Dimensional Labyrinth Entry Ticket" item and we are planning to distribute this to those who participated in the Labyrinth once in the period stated above.
    • Details on this will be announced separately in the future. Thank you for your patience.


We apologize once again for the issue caused and will try hard to prevent such issues from happening again.


Thank You.