Dev's Note - Measures taken for the Corrupt Official Chloe Challenge

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Hello Saviors,


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


We apologize for the New Year Event that was newly added causing a bit of inconvenience, especially regarding the Gold Dream Pouch supply.


Originally, Naiah's Dream Shop was not designed in a way to consider the New Year's Event Packs available from the Cash Shop and this is why we made a big item selection for you to choose which items to exchange for.


However, we realized that our Saviors could have seen this differently and we decided that limited items that can only be claimed for a limited time should be more easily obtainable.


In order to increase the amount of Gold Dream Pouch you can obtain, we will apply the following changes:


1. Daily number of tries of "Corrupt Official Chloe Challenge!" will increase from 3 → 5 times.

2. 100 "Gold Dream Pouches" will be available to claim daily for 20 days from Jan. 20th to Feb. 8th. (total of 2,000).


*This new measure would allow you to get around 9,000 Gold Dream Pouches during the event period which is equivalent to 200,000 damage inflicted on the event boss, and this is also enough supply for you to get both of the limited costumes and 4 special objects.


Details on the actual daily count increase will be announced shortly in the future.


Thank you.

Kim Cheol Hui