Event - Jiho Celebration Login Event

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Hello Saviors,


As we countdown to the regular maintenance to be held on January 19th, we hope you have already seen the revisions to come as well.


We know that no one is a fan of waiting. What about making the wait even more enjoyable with events like this one?


Please enjoy this special login event as you await the Soul of Manpashikjeok, Jiho release and various events to come!


Event Rules


Simply login to the game during these claim periods to get all of the rewards!  

Claim Period


Jan 17 (Tues) 03:00 UTC—Jan 18 (Wed) 00:00  UTC

Artifact Summon Ticket x5

Jan 18 (Wed) 00:00 UTC—Jan 19 (Thur) 00:00  UTC

Type Summon Ticket x5

Jan 19 (Thur) 00:00 UTC—Jan 20 (Fri) 00:00  UTC

Pick-Up Summon Ticket x5

Jan 20 (Fri) 00:00 UTC—Jan 21 (Sat) 00:00  UTC

Everstone x1,000


Event Notice

  • You must login on each day to claim the reward of the day. I.e. you cannot claim Thursday's reward on Friday as the rewards are given per day basis.
  • You can login during the claim periods per day and get your reward from your ingame mailbox. Please note once you login to the game, your rewards will remain in your mailbox for 7 days. Don't forget to claim the reward right away after you login!


See you back in Eden.

Thank you!