UPDATE Jan 16. 2023

Soul Balance Patch - January 19

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Hello Saviors,


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


We wanted to deliver the upcoming Soul balance patch on January 19 during regular maintenance. 


We have been planning to perform an overall balance adjustment, especially for Souls considered to be underperforming than originally planned. The Souls to receive balance adjustments with the patch may receive further balance adjustments in the future especially if their performance does not reach the expected levels.


The Souls not included in this balance patch appear to have more usage in contents other than Battlefront or can increase in performance depending on Keepsakes, Artifacts, level, and growth status, so we felt we needed to collect more data on them and decided to not include them in this patch.





  • Skill duration of the main skill "Mmm, Gun Powder!" will change from 10 sec. → 12 sec.
  • The 'remove all debuff' effect added at Lv.3 of "Mmm, Gun Powder!" will change to "Immune to Status Effects during skill." (No debuff resistance will be applied other than status effects).
  • The passive skill "Better Alone!" will have the Mana recovery effect for normal attacks included in the tooltip. (Flynn's normal attack may be slow but Mana recovery is higher by 70%).
  • The passive skill "Better Alone!" will now receive the Mana supply increase by 70% of the sub-skill "Take This" in addition to the previous Mana recovery increase effect from normal attacks.
  • Damage increase effect from the normal attacks of the passive skill "Better Alone!" will change from 110% → 100% for Lv.1 and 115→110% for Lv.2. It will remain the same at 120%→120% for Lv.3


The balance adjustment with the passive skill "Better Alone!" will increase the Mana recovery of the sub-skill "Take This!". We have not announced Mana recovery of normal skills before, but we felt it would be necessary in Flynn’s case. Therefore, we will include Mana recovery increase of normal attacks in Flynn's skill tooltip.


Flynn is a ranged damage dealer that requires careful placement and combination, and she is designed in a way where if the conditions are right, we can deal the highest level of cumulative damage. But her slow normal attacks delayed her first skill activation time so before she could even show off her advantages, the course of battle would already be decided.


In order to improve upon this, the Mana recovery will increase for "Take This!" so that Flynn can use her main skill faster, but at the same time upon reaching Lv.181, she would gain the "Immune to Status Effects during skill" to defend herself from Charm and other interruptions.





  • The sub-skill "Spiral Shield Dance" will receive balance adjustments.
    • The damage absorption amount from the shield by level will change from 16% / 18% / 20% → 18% / 20% / 22%.
    • The defense increase effect will change from Lv.3 → Lv.2. and Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance 30% increase effect will also be added.
  • The duration of the Attack Reduction effect of the sub-skill "Zero-Range Bombardment" will change from 6 sec. → 8 sec.
  • The level where the Attack Reduction effect gets added for the main skill "Onboard Crossfire" will change from Lv.3 → Lv.2.


Soonie was designed as a Soul who would share damage with other melee Souls and increase her survival as well as sustain ally Souls using her powerful HP recovery passive skill rather than being utilized as a single tanker.


However, the effects that would help with individual survival abilities were given at higher levels so it was hard to experience this early on. Thus, we have lowered the skill level to gain certain effects earlier, and increased the sub-skill's defensive performance in order to help with her survival when targeted by the burst fire of the opponents.




  • Mica and Seeha will now use the sub-skill "Stroke" and "Mic Check" first before normal attacks.
  • Mica and Seeha's passive skills "Soprano Harmony" and "Alto Harmony" will have the effect changed from ATK increase and DEF increase → ATK, Physical/Magic Resistance increase.


Seeha and Mica will have their attack patterns changed to increase their skill efficiency a little bit. We are aware of the loss you may feel for feeling bounded to use Mica and Seeha in combination, but this duo's beast-type combination shows high performance, so we would like to approach the balance adjustment carefully.




  • The Knockback effect of the sub-skill "You Should Not Steal" will be removed.


We have removed the Knockback effect so that Clara would not die from being the target of burst fire by pushing off then chasing after the opponent. The Stun effect will be kept.




  • The Stun effect of the active skill "Avenging Sword" will now be added from Lv.3 → Lv.2.


Linzy is considered a fairly good assassin even now, and she is a Soul with the potential to show higher performance with different combinations of Keepsakes, Artifacts, and party synergies. We will make adjustments so that a better performance is shown from her early stages of growth rather than improving her end specs by lowering the level where a skill effect gets added.




  • The Stun effect of the main skill "Machine Gun Punch" will now be added from Lv. 3 → Lv 2. Also the Stun duration will change from 3 sec. → 4 sec.
  • Mana decrease effect at Lv.1 of the sub-skill "Shockwave Punch" will change from 800 → 1,200. (No change at Lv.3)
  • Skill effect of the passive skill "Gear Up" will be improved.
    • ATK increase effect by level from → 29% / 32% / 35% → 32% / 35% / 38%.
    • Evasion increase effect by level from  29 / 32 / 35 → 32 / 35 / 38.


Renee has a good potential to show a strong performance with different Keepsakes, Artifacts, and party synergies. In order to give her better performance at lower levels where all conditions cannot be met, we will revise her skills and improve upon her passive. 




  • Mana recovery amount by level for the passive skill "Spinning Chakra" will change from 600 / 700 /  800 → 1,000 / 1,250 / 1,500.
  • Damage amount by level of the active skill "Dance of Svarga" will change from 200% / 220% / 240% → 220% / 240% / 260%.
  • Damage amount by level of the ultimate skill "Dancing for Nirvana" will lchange from 220% / 240% / 260% → 260% / 280% / 300%.
  • Erusha will now use the sub-skill "Indra's Radiant Sphere" first before normal attacks.


Erusha is a Soul that specializes in interrupting the enemy by stunning the enemy with quick spinning skills. However, the damage applied at the moment is low, so the loss of low damage inflicted is greater than the benefit you get from stunning the opponent. As a result, the Mana supply and skill damage will be increased. In addition, her action pattern will be changed to enhance the usability of her passive skill.





  • Attack range of normal attacks will change from 5m → 7m.
  • Range of the main skill "Yin Yang Bagua Zhang" will change from 6.5m → 11m.


In order to make up for the short attack range which made her hard to use together with Undead tankers like Petra, we will increase the range of normal attacks and her main skill.




We aim for Eversoul to have no Souls being left out, and we want Saviors to explore the various strategies by combining and placing Souls in various ways. In order to reach this goal, we will continue to implement balance patches.


However, as drastic balance adjustments can bring about new problems, we are approaching this as carefully as possible, and we ask for your understanding on this. 


Thank You

Kim Cheol Hu