Notice of Non-maintenance Patch - January 12

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Hello Saviors, 

This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.

Regarding Expedition Mission Error

We first want to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the Expedition Mission error.

We have placed a ban on the 6 accounts (KR server) that have exploited the error and wanted to share our action plan below.


Our initial intention was to allow (as you get 3 Expedition Missions at max per day) help on expeditions up to 3 times per day to claim additional rewards. After investigation, we have found that such restrictions had been left out. 


In order to prevent additional problems from spreading, we have applied a non-maintenance patch just now at 14:50 UTC to restrict receiving help from your friends to come for an expedition to 10 times per day, and from January 19th regular maintenance, we will restrict it ultimately to 3 times per day.


Despite these measures, we are aware of the inconvenient and unreasonable elements of such a case, and in order to make it easier for you to help your friend through Expedition Missions, we are planning to have a counter for the Expedition Missions you were helped by displayed on the Friend's list. (Expected to be patched January 19.)


Regarding Normal Summon Probabilities 

The temporary maintenance performed early morning today fixed the issue where your previous account information seemed to reappear when you had changed accounts, but this was not actually in effect.


Normal Summon probability stats are maintained server-side and have no relation to the info showing up on the client.


Regarding Guild Levels

Additionally, an issue with guild levels has been found and we are currently investigating this case. Details on this matter will be shared later after we confirm.


Regarding Town Object Tooltip Issue

Fairy Pond sold by the Town Shop is an object that gives an additional 2.5% Mana Crystal as loot but the tooltip wrongfully states that it will give "Mana Dust” as loot.

This text issue has been resolved with the non-maintenance patch.

For those who have already purchased the object and want a refund, please send us a support ticket and we'll reimburse you with Town Coins.


In addition, the Witch's Pot Fountain has a problem in its tooltip where it did not represent the loot gold increase count, so this was fixed as well.


Regarding the Thunder God's Spear Error in Dungeon

Thunder God's Spear, which is a treasure chest card you can get from Dimensional Labyrinth and Hall of Memories, had an issue where additional damage would not be inflicted. This has been resolved with the non-maintenance patch.


Regarding the Part-time Job Fatigue Issue

We are working on a revision on the current situation where you can let your Soul to rest only when their energy is at 0.

The 'auto-select' button will continue to work only when the energy is at 0, and we are working on adding a feature where you will manually be able to put your Souls to rest even when their energy is not at 0. The resting time needed will be proportional to the energy the Soul has left.

We will share the details of this feature with future patch notes.


Regarding the Level Sync Slot Cooldown


We believe the 24-hour cooldown for removing a Soul from the Level Sync can be overwhelming and we plan on reducing this down to 4 hours.

Once the cooldown time is reduced, the number of Everstones needed to reset cooldown automatically will also be reduced.

We will share the details of this feature with future patch notes.


We are always listening carefully to all of our Saviors.

We will make sure to resolve the issues found as soon as possible.


Due to the inconvenience caused, we will send out 2,100 Everstones.

Please claim them before Jan. 19th 00:00 UTC.


Thank you


Kim Cheol Hui