Notice on Undisclosed Information and Roadmap Q1 2023

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Hello Saviors,


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


We first want to apologize for causing you inconvenience and letting you down regarding the data mining issue that we saw via external communities.


We have performed an extensive investigation on the undisclosed information issue, and we have confirmed that it was due to data mining.


As we know all too well how important these issues must be handled, we will continue to investigate so that these issues are not reproduced.


Regarding the Souls

We have confirmed that undisclosed images of Soul costumes and various information were included in the current game client.


Of course, some Souls appeared as part of the Story chapters or as an opponent in a battle stage, so they would have to be included in the client. However, data regarding costumes and illustrations do not need to be included early, but they were existent in the game client.  


We will be careful not to include skill and stats info of the undisclosed Souls not to cause any misunderstandings and data that do not need to be included early will not be dispatched ahead of schedule.


Regarding the Guild Raid

As for Guild Raids, we were near the end of development around the official launch date, but we were excluded and postponed it as we did not want to induce competition amongst Saviors from the start. 


In addition, we prepared a number of screenshots for the help guide so that you can get to know the system early, and this is why much information on the Guild Raid was included in the client.


As the developers, we wanted to put out a pre-announcement regarding the Guild Raid to ensure equal ground for all Saviors and help you get to know the content early on, so we were to release a Roadmap video including such information.


In fact, this undisclosed information issue broke out just 1 day before we were planning to release the Roadmap for Q1 2023, so we have decided to bring up the video release to today.


The Roadmap video contains information on new content like Guild Raids and Champion's Arena, so we hope you will take great interest.


You can watch the video here:


Additionally, we will continue to share Roadmap videos and monthly calendars to provide information in advance so that our Saviors can play the game with peace of mind.


We are listening carefully to all the concerns and interests shown by our Saviors around the world.


Although it will not be possible to solve all problems at once, we will make sure to pay extra attention to data security so that such inconvenience will not occur again. We will also look into resolving current known issues as soon as possible.


We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused and we have sent a gift of 2,100 Everstones to all Saviors.


Please claim them by in-game mail from January 11th (now) to January 18th (Sun) 00:00 UTC.



Thank you

Kim Cheol Hui