Letter of Apology on Issues After Launch

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Letter of Apology on Issues After Launch


Hello Saviors,


This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief producer of Eversoul.


We are fully aware that there are weekly quest reset issues and Monthly Subscription Packs along with various issues.


We first want to apologize for the inconveniences caused from the issues big and small after launch. 

We are currently doing our best to fix the issues and alleviate the inconveniences for you as soon as possible, and we ask for your generous understanding and patience.


In the case of weekly quests, as they have already been reset at 00:00 UTC on January 8th (Sun) due to an error, it will not reset again at 00:00 UTC on January 9th (Mon). The weekly quests next week will reset as normally at 00:00 UTC on January 16th (Mon).


We will inform you again with future announcements on other issues and inconveniences as they are resolved.


For the Saviors who have experienced such errors after launch, we would like to give 2,100 Everstones as a gift of apology.


The gift will be sent to all to your in-game mail, and you can claim it from January 8th (Sun) to January 15th (Sun) 00:00 UTC.


Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in your adventures in Eden.


We will work hard not to disappoint the Saviors in the future.



Thank you

Kim Cheol Hui