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Welcome Savior



In a distant future, long after the fall of humanity, where Souls have long lived in peace and harmony, you are summoned to fight an unexpected invasion.


A gate has opened, spewing forth a relentless horde of monsters.


The Souls are under attack and are not yet strong enough to hold back the tide. Only you, the Savior, can help the Souls find the secret powers hidden within them - ancient powers, unused, and long forgotten…


Will you help the Souls restore their memories, unleash their true potential, and restore peace to Eden?



We hope you are as excited as we are about playing Eversoul as soon as possible!


From today you can pre-register to get amazing rewards from Day 1, and start off your journey in Eden like a real Savior!





1. Twitter Follower: Ongoing

[Up to 300 everstones]


How to participate:

  • Simply follow us, spread the word, and help us reach 5000 followers to get FREE Everstones for everyone at launch!



2. Pre-registration RT: Ongoing

[5 Summoning tickets]


How to participate:

  • Retweet this and get a chance to be selected among 30 lucky winners, who will get 5 summon tickets from the start, so RT and good luck!



To know more about the game and participating in Events, follow us on Twitter and Youtube.
We are sharing videos about Souls in action (gameplay), world and lore updates, news, important announcements, and way more every day!


In the meantime, we have prepared a list of FAQs that you can check anytime in case you need assistance: Launch FAQ


Stay tuned for more news!